Director Biography – Tatyana Yassukovich (BABY GRIEF)

Tatyana Alexandra Eugenie Yassukovich was born and raised in England, with family roots in Russia, France, Ireland and Zimbabwe. She was educated in the UK and Switzerland, became fluent in French and German and lived in Bavaria and Rome before beginning her acting career in the United States.
After training at the Lee Strasburg School in NYC and at RADA in London, Tatyana worked extensively as an actor* off-broadway and in film for many years in NYC, developing a rich creative relationship with Cuban-born dramatist Eduardo Machado and becoming a lifelong member of the Actors Studio.
Tatyana moved to Los Angeles in 2001 and while continuing with her work on screen and stage, she developed a distinguished career as a voice actress while raising a family and beginning to write plays and films.
Since returning to the east coast in 2013, she has written and directed four short films in tribute to the life of actors, is developing her first feature film and serves as an adjunct in the filmmaking department at Drexel University.
In addition to her work as an actress, writer and director, Tatyana worked as a crisis counselor for the Suicide Prevention Center and continues to invest in this cause, which matter also deeply motivates influences her filmmaking.

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Director Statement

I am drawn to the darkly comic and hypocritical aspects of our natures, but retell them with love and compassion because I believe there is nothing more beautiful than our flawed, heart-full efforts. I am deeply invested in human connection, especially in the face of this age’s isolation through technology.

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