Short Film: AGE IS JUST A NUMBER, 1min., Denmark, Experimental

Everyone talks about age being just a number, but how many in the fashion industry really mean what they say when Media messages such as: look young but not too young – dress according to your age, do not reveal. Suddenly buying a pair of funky jeans or waring a sparkling sequin blouse feels like an act of high treason – risky and punishable by the fashion police.
How are you when you are 20 or 50 years old, young people have tattoos, while older people do not? Do you wear a sequin dress to job when you are 20 years old but not when you are 50 years old? With the campaign we want to show that age and fashion do not have to be connected, we want to create a universe where you are not a mother, father and children, but could just as well be a group from an agency that was on its way to studio 54. You might as well be young, focused and serious with a tight fashion look, as you can be 50 years old and want to be funky as you just woke up after a hard night at a club, and are ready for a day at work.
With the campaign, we want to show that there is no “age police” trying to push you into a box where you do not belong, and that it is more about look and attitude than it is about age. In the film, the models are from 20 years and up to 65 years. One person is a model, one is a student, one is a creative director and then a person is a stylist and trendy model – you can guess who is who, because age is only a number, style is a statement and stat of mind.

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