Short Film: NEW YEAR’S EVE DINNER, 22min., China, Thriller/Fantasy


2a635f5560 poster未来世界里,人畜地位颠倒,人为其食,绝望与希望交替,看看颠倒过来的世界我们的处境与命运。

Human treatment of livestock is only food to be eaten. No matter what animals feel, they will have emotions, emotions, and desires for the world, from birth to death without any freedom. Nowadays, the appetite of the society is greater than the demand for nutrition. Every time the human race passes the festival, it is the end of the livestock. The earth is still evolving. It is full of possibilities. In the future, it is possible that animals become masters, and humans eat for them. Now we will do this to livestock and future animals, and all animal instincts will survive. Despair and hope alternate, look upside down in the world our situation and destiny.

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