Director Biography – Annabelle Frost (GROWING UP)

Annabelle Frost started her theatre career as an acting student at Boston University, Northwestern University and the Practical Aesthetics program through NYU. Always interested in directing, she channeled her education into directing plays like “No Exit”, “Moonchildren” and “Beirut”.

She moved into film halfway through Northwestern and directed the short “Morocco” and the music video “Momma” (winner of The Bronze Award at Worldfest Flagstaff). A few years later, she attended the American Film Institute where she directed another award-winning short, “Side Show” (winner of The Platinum Award at Worldfest Houston, nominated for Best Student Film at Vail Film Festival and Ashland Independent Film Festival, Official Selection at Mill Valley and Silverlake film festivals).

After AFI, she joined the hit television show “CSI” working for Producer/Director Richard J. Lewis. She shadowed him for seven episodes from prep through post, and directed many of the insert shots with C camera.

After her time on “CSI”, she transitioned to Post Production. She produced 6 pilots, and then made the leap to series on Fox’s primetime hit “Gotham”. As of Season 3, she is a Co-Producer.

She very much enjoys all the creative work that comes with producing “Gotham”, including her time shadowing Executive Producer Danny Cannon on his episodes, and her continued contribution as an Insert Director. Her recent mini-scene for Episode 221 aired in front of the main title card on May 16th, 2016.

Between Season 2 and Season 3, she directed a new short film entitled “G[r]o[w]ing Up” – a feel good piece depicting an elevator service operator’s struggle to fall in love – that will be heading out to film festivals upon completion.

Annabelle is pleased to report she has been accepted into the Warner Bros. Directing Workshop for 2017, and is on the roster to direct an episode of “Gotham” this season.

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