January 2019 Script/Story/Film Winners

A Film Freeway Preferred Festival:


festival posterSTORY MOVIE: Knock Knock by Mary Barr

festival posterTELEPLAY MOVIE: EPS: Emergency Psychiatric Service
festival posterWINNING TV SPEC SCREENPLAY: The Middle “The Fancy Party”

festival poster1pg. COMEDY SHORT SCREENPLAY: Ginger Snap by Eileen Wilson
festival posterFEMALE FESTIVAL SHORT SCREENPLAY: A Chance of Success by Malgorzata Suwala & Marta Jagniewska

festival posterFEMALE FESTIVAL 1ST SCENE SCREENPLAY: Drones Drivers by Haley Isleib
festival posterCOMEDY 1ST SCENE SCREENPLAY: Pain in the A by Beth Rehman

festival posterDRAMA BEST SCENE SCREENPLAY: Order of the Dimensions by Irene Helenowski
festival posterHORROR BEST SCENE SCREENPLAY: Shame by Chiara Provenzano

festival posterROMANCE BEST SCENE SCREENPLAY: Salacious by Mona Fuller
festival poster BEST SCENE SCREENPLAY: Adrienne Cart by Donald P. Howard

festival poster BEST SCENE SCREENPLAY: Unhooked by Shelly Paino

festival posterPENANCE, 4min., USA, LGBT/Experimental

festival posterA FRIEND OF DOROTHY, 4min., Sweden, LGBT/Family

festival posterUTOPIA, 15min., USA, LGBT/Drama

festival posterTHANK YOU COME AGAIN, USA, 21min, LGBT/Comedy Web Series

festival posterA GREAT RIDE, 33min., USA, LGBT/Documentary

festival posterTHE DOLLHOUSE, 7min., USA, Documentary

festival posterOLD HABITS, 13min., USA, Drama

festival posterPAGEANT PERFECT, 12min., USA, Drama

festival posterANIMUS PER MACHINA, 5min., Netherlands, Animation

festival posterGOODBYE BABY LADY, 13min., UK, Drama

festival posterITSY, 12min., UK, Drama

festival posterTHE FAMILY WAY, 18min., Ireland, Comedy

festival posterTEA & COFFEE, 9min., UK, Drama/Family





Producer/Director: Matthew Toffolo http://www.matthewtoffolo.com

Festival Moderators: Kierston Drier, Shepsut Wilson
Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne
Editors: Kimberly Villarruel, Kyle Drier, John Johnson

Festival Directors: Mary Cox, Rachel Elder, Natasha Levy

Camera Operators: Hugh Fraser, Andy Camp, Aser Santos Jr., Zack Arch

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