Short Film: GOODBYE BABY LADY, 13min., UK, Drama

3ab60bb105 poster

Rose is 24 years old. She lives with her eccentric mother. Together they fill their lives with mundane often pointless tasks that are rigidly timetabled. The house is nothing but a trap with a vast collection of clutter that stops them from moving forward.
What Rose doesn’t know is she is about to go through an awakening. For the first time in her life she can see outside of the four walls that hold her as a voluntary prisoner. The cause? Ivan- a faceless man with a strange accent.
He is Roses new tenant. A quiet obsession grows within her. This man represents a life she didn’t know she wanted.

But can she really take the bull by the horns, break out of her mothers shadow and become a woman in her own right?

Set in East London Goodbye Baby Lady is a story of growth and the realisation of ones presence in their own life. Rose is capable of change and so she does.

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