Director BIO: Peta Milan (RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN)

Director Biography – Peta Milan

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Coming from a background in management consulting, but having studied arts at university in Australia, Peta left her corporate career to pursue a career in film. Working on a couple of Hollywood productions as Producers Assistant, on films including “No Escape”, starring Pierce Brosnan and Owen Wilson, Peta established her own company Transcendent Media Capital with friend and Hollywood producer Andrew Pfeffer. TMC combines film, television and other media with real and measurable social and environmental impact projects. “Right to Be Forgotten” is Peta’s directorial debut.

Director Statement

Having studied art and social justice as a young adult and then building a corporate career, I decided to leave the stability of a 15 year career to pursue my dream of becoming a filmmaker and writer. Given the incredible resources we have at our hands to tell stories in such interesting ways, it occurred as odd to me that we don’t use story telling enough to effect real change. This is where I saw the necessity to combine media with real social impact projects. In 2018, my company will be rolling out a global project to reduce the incidents of child sex exploitation online in collaboration with the European Commission and a large number of NGO’s, law enforcement organizations and policy makers around the world. Until such time as we are ready to launch this project globally, my company and I will continue to explore the issues of cybercrime and its impact on victims through filmmaking.

Peta Milan

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