Director BIO: Elisa Possenti (AXioMA)

Director Biography – Elisa Possenti

Elisa possenti axioma

Elisa Possenti was born in 1998 in a small town near Milan. She spent her childhood traveling around Italy because of her parents’ job (they are managers of tourist accommodation establishments). Her itinerant childhood helped her develop an artistic identity, which led to the need of sharing her wealth of experience through art. She studied direction, screenwriting, and acting at Liceo Artistico Piero della Francesca, at Talent Center (a non-profit association based in Arezzo), and at New York Film Academy. She made her debut as screenwriter for several independent short films, among which “Stripling” was shortlisted for the 48 Hour Film Project in Los Angeles. In 2017, at the age of only 19 years old, She wrote, directed and produced her first work “Axioma”. The short earned and incredible number of selections and awards into film festival’s circuit. She’s currently working on her second short, Zagara.


Director Statement


During a complex brainstorming about disability, i found out that everybody, in their own way, have an handicap or is touched by disability in an indirect way. I lately decided to identify as Axioms the difficulties that every single person has to fight against daily. When I started writing the script, I created a simple evolution of the events based on the complex psychology of the main character, a young disable man. During series of events, fragility becomes a slow rebirth.
An Axiom does not need to be explained, but is considered true, as in math. So, the past of the main character is an Axiom in the screenplay and the short film starts from the presupposition that everyone in this world is, in his\her own way, a disable person

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