Short Film: 1Minute Nature, 12min, Netherlands, Documentary/Animation

Played at the March 2016 FEEDBACK Film Festival.


  MOVIE POSTER1Minute Nature, 12min, Netherlands, Documentary/Animation
Directed by Stefanie Visjager & Katinka Baehr

1Minute Nature is a series of short animated documentaries for children. We began by interviewing children, with the aim of creating 1minute real life stories with a fairytale feeling, and then bringing the audio to life with animation. The central topic is how children see and experience nature.

The audio is documentary, yet we make our interviews sound like fiction. This play on boundaries between fact and fiction is also reflected in the imagery; photographed objects from daily life are used as a 3D setting for the world in which 2D drawn characters live.

Both in audio and animation we aim to make children reflect on the world they live in and hopefully they will see the world in a slightly different way after 1Minute.

1Minute Nature is produced by a team of independent and Prix Europa Awarded radio producers in cooperation with a team of animators.

Director Statement:

“As a radio producer it is scary to put images to words, since the visual perception is so much stronger. Yet we wanted to try and I think we succeeded wonderfully. We kept the intimacy of a radio interview, enhancing it by animation. Both story and images (drawings on photographs) reflect a play on boundaries between fact and fiction.”


Stef Visjager – Writer

Bente Hamel – Writer

Tjitske Mussche – Writer

Maartje Duin – Writer

Stef Visjager – Producer

Stef Visjager – Key Cast

Kris Kobes – Animation

Lotte van Dijck – Photography, Drawings

short films short films short films
short films short films short films


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