Director BIO: Lisa Defazio (BLOSSOM)

Director Biography – Lisa Defazio

77e0977fe8 headshot

Lisa has enjoyed an extensive creative background that began soon after graduating with her BA Fashion Design at RMIT. For close to 25 years she
has worked in most aspects of clothing design and branding. Always a multidisciplinary creative who has a hands on can do approach to
her projects Lisa’s interests and skill set is ever evolving and expanding.

Her artistic exhibitions have included traditional studio methods exhibited tri annually at Art Melbourne that toured most states. A more recent exploration of a new genre of work Lisa was Photographer, stylist and model of the provocative exhibition ‘I am Your Sex Thing’ a series that included Sculpture, photography, pubic hair collages, a sniffing station installation and video work. The series is now archived at The State Library Melbourne.

This first time director, film – maker has brought together her love of styling and storytelling to create her new work BLOSSOM. Directing and reluctantly stepping in to act in the film due to late cancellation by an actor, she took on the role herself. With her studies earlier in 2017 including vocal training, singing and various acting it didn’t take much for Defazio to make the transition to actor.

Currently living in Melbourne Australia Lisa Defazio is keen to continue to write, act, create and collaborate.


Director Statement

It was very important to me while directing this short film to create the crucial elements required to tell a story that is virtually dialogue free in an exciting, warm and dramatic way. The use of a soundscape featured heavily in my initial vision and the journey through the dark came about during the actual creation of this film.

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