Feature Festival Event: Friday Dec. 17th (Stream event also in 2020)

DROWNING IN SILENCE, 86min., USA, Documentary
Directed by Chezik Tsunoda
After unexpectedly losing her son, a mother searches for answers and discovers the silent epidemic of drowning. She embarks on a transformative journey of grief channeled into purpose to stop this preventable tragedy from happening to other families.

Director Biography – Chezik Tsunoda

Chezik is a director and producer whose work has spanned across television, film and advertising. She was able to learn the ropes of production at MTV News and Documentaries and carried her knowledge into developing docuseries at VH1. She addresses everyday themes such as race, grief, marriage, and death with a unique lens that gives viewers a rare perspective. She produced, directed, and starred in her first feature documentary, Drowning in Silence, about the grief she faced after the death of her son.

Director Statement

This film was made to raise awareness for drowning prevention in honor of my son and all the children who have drowned. The title aptly describes the children as well as their families’ grief and struggles in the aftermath.

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