Next Film Festival Event: Tuesday July 14th 8pm (Virtual)

Yonge-Dundas Square’s (YDS) annual outdoor movie series City Cinema is moving online this summer for the brand-new Virtual City Cinema, featuring short films from WILDsound Festival!

Virtual City Cinema presented by YDS in association with WILDsound Festival will begin on June 30 and last 10 weeks. Throughout the summer, the series will feature roughly 10 independent short films each week. These films have been curated by WILDsound Festival, an international film festival that showcases the best of short films from around the world and has previously had weekly screenings at Carlton Cinemas here in Toronto.

Virtual City Cinema is completely free! Simply click here to register for the date(s) of your choice to receive a private YouTube link to screen the films, sent directly to your email the day of the screening. The films will premiere at 8PM EST every Tuesday. After watching, you will be sent a survey to provide feedback to the filmmakers and be entered for a chance to win a Downtown Yonge Experience prize pack!

Here is the full program of the 3rd festival.

SUPER SPECIAL, 12min., New Zealand, Drama

Directed by Ashley Williams

In the midst of her first period, a quiet resilient young girl must choose between a surprise for her beloved little brother or buying pads for herself.

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BARE IT ALL, 7min., Documentary/Experimental

Directed by Iyin Landre

After experiencing a shocking tragedy, Lynette struggled for more than 10 years with an addiction, self-doubt, and debilitating negative thoughts, until she finally learned to love herself again.

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OMA, 9min., Latvia, Comedy Drama

Directed by Monika Ivonne

A Latvian grandmother visits her daughter in America, where she encounters surreal scenes of life in Los Angeles.

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1814 FROST FAIR, 4min., UK, Drama

Directed by Julia Fullerton-Batten

In 1814, thousands flocked onto the thick ice to witness and enjoy an impromptu mix of festival, circus, and street show. Tents were erected and makeshift markets quickly emerged as innkeepers and tradespeople eagerly made the most of this temporary frozen wonder.

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YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY, 7min., Canada, Drama

Directed by Hollie Olenik

A middle-aged woman makes a last-ditch effort to sell her eye-sore car to an optimistic teenage rocker. This goes smoothly until they find a time capsule of forgotten items from her youth. Bonding over discovered similar interests, they try to grapple the generational gap, nostalgia, and envy of each other’s lives. During the encounter, the woman begins to second guess her decision to sell the car.

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LILI, 8min., USA, Drama

Directed by Yfke van Berckelaer

Lili (Lisa Smit – Netflix’s Ares) knows she has to nail this audition. The Man (Derek de Lint – Soldier of Orange/The Unbearable Lightness of Being) she auditions for, knows this too. Thus starts an uncomfortable cat and mouse game in this single-shot #metoo horror, about power, the misuse of power and female empowerment.

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LAUNDRY, 3min., Canada, Experimental

Directed by Emily DeBackere

Laundry is a meditative short that speaks of the battle between innocence and corruption. Set against a rural backdrop, the film brings into focus the destructive impact sexual assault can have on the mental capacity of a human being. Paralleling the event with mundane activities, the short aims to articulate the fact that this type of trauma seeps into everything one does, and will continue to negatively impact her being on a existential level.

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CHICKEN, 5min., UK, Drama

Directed by Paula C. Frias

Every day is the same. Or is it?

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AILIN ON THE MOON, 5min., Argentina, Animation

Directed by Claudia Ruiz

Work, do the shopping, cooking, cleaning, ironing, taking care of Ailín: that is the routine of Vilma, mother of 40 years, overwhelmed by fatigue and skin intolerance. Ailín (4), just looking to play and demand the attention of a restless girl, one day causes the emotional outbreak of the mother. The routine that led them away must be broken to meet again.

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A BLOODY MESS, 10min., Canada, Drama/Family

Directed by Asis Sethi

Varsha is a young South Asian girl who battles against her family’s traditional beliefs surrounding menstruation, which comes with rules prohibiting her from having an open dialogue with her father about periods. Since she was a child, Varsha has been told that while periods are normal, there are certain things she cannot do while menstruating, which manifests in Varsha’s mental suffocation. This film depicts Varsha’s internal struggle as she tries to strike a balance between respecting her family and her own individual autonomy.

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GLAD YOU’RE HERE, 10min., Canada, Documentary

Directed by Lisa Kannakko

Engaging themes of love and betrayal, hope, belonging and place, Glad You’re Here documents my nineteen–year journey through building a family life, seeing it suffer the damage of mental illness, grief and separation, and then rebuilding with empathy. A story about an extreme moment of crisis has turned into a documentary that deals not just with the subjective but with the important issue of spousal abuse.

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LIT, 5min., USA, Romance

Directed by Sarah Schuessler

Two childhood friends agree to “get lit” and sleep together on New Year’s Eve.

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NEW YEAR’S EVE DINNER, 22min., China, Thriller/Fantasy

Directed by Xinwen Zhang

Human treatment of livestock is only food to be eaten. No matter what animals feel, they will have emotions, emotions, and desires for the world, from birth to death without any freedom. Nowadays, the appetite of the society is greater than the demand for nutrition. Every time the human race passes the festival, it is the end of the livestock. The earth is still evolving. It is full of possibilities. In the future, it is possible that animals become masters, and humans eat for them. Now we will do this to livestock and future animals, and all animal instincts will survive. Despair and hope alternate, look upside down in the world our situation and destiny.

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